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Janet saved my sanity!

Our desk was hidden under piles of paperwork and tax time was a nightmare.

The joke in the family was "Mum has a piling system not a filing system."

Then along came the professional organising angel. Within a day I had a desk AND a filing system plus huge rubbish bags filled with unnecessary paperwork.

Now, at the end of the financial year, I send a silent thank you to Janet because my papers for tax are at my fingertips in the filing cabinet. If your paperwork has swamped you and you need some order in your life I recommend you call Janet NOW!



Mother of Two, Perth

 I first used Janet’s services when my husband and I downsized into a two-storey townhouse. There is much less storage space in our new home which has two bedrooms and a study. The area under the stairs is great storage and Janet helped me to organise my Christmas decorations and bits as well as other large, often unused items in there. This area also has shelving which I use for my linen and Janet helped me to arrange and store this in a functional manner, making great use of the small space.


East Vic Park

I first employed Janet of Symes Organising Solutions at the end of 2011 when I was feeling overwhelmed by my living situation. I felt the need to keep all of the paper that came into my life and I was being swamped by it.

I am a mother, a foster carer, a student and I have a part time job so there is a lot of paper work coming my way.

Janet helped me to make decisions about what was important enough to keep and which paperwork I could let go. It is an ongoing process and I still engage Janet’s services on a regular basis.


Balga Perth

I would like to thank you for the highly professional manner with which you approached my very messy storeroom.

You turned up promptly on time and worked all day. You had an extraordinary work ethic as well as a highly focused approach for that whole time. I was embarrassed by my mess but you were very respectful of my feelings and my ideas for organising the room. You kept me on track for the whole day and what would have taken me 3 - 4 days took one because of your help.

No amount of thankyous can let you know how good I feel every time I walk into the storeroom. I can now find everything!

I will certainly be using your services if I ever have need of more organisational help.

Thanks Janet.


Woodvale, Perth

A few years ago I had to move house – I had three small children and limited funds to contact professional removalists.  Janet was my guardian angel – she heard of my plight and offered to help, giving up her weekend to help me move.  She helped ease the stress and pain of the move by organising and prioritising the logistics of the move, using her car to ferry boxes to the new property and assigning homes for our belongings, helping us to resettle quickly.  And the final touch was lending us a heater as it was the middle of winter and we didn’t have one.




“Janet worked with me to produce an assembly item. She had some excellent ideas for props and coordinating the students on stage. I like the way we were able to work as a team and bounce ideas of each other.  Janet is extremely creative and yet at the same time practical, she is a great listener and has excellent work ethics. I could count on her to be there with me every step of the way and was really happy with what we achieved.”




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